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    1、Chip sales engineer(Several people)

    Work location: Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Find the target market, develop customer resources, be responsible for the promotion of the company's integrated circuit products, and use sales techniques to complete sales tasks.

    2、Timely processing customer demand inquiry, on behalf of the company to negotiate business with customers, according to customer requirements, signed a sales contract.

    3、Responsible for customer's cargo tracking and collection of sales payment, timely coordination of customer objections.

    4、Proactively visit customers and complete daily work reports and sales reports.

    5、Collect product market information through sales activities and new product information that can be developed to provide relevant information to the company.

    job requirements:

    1、College degree or above, microelectronics, electronic engineering, marketing related majors are preferred.

    2、With more than 1 year of independent sales experience, sales experience in the chip or electronic components industry is preferred.

    3、Love sales work, strong communication, negotiation skills, and good customer service awareness.

    4、Hard work, good at learning, and proactive.

    2、Power application engineer

    Work location: Hangzhou

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、 Verify the advantages and disadvantages of each brand IC on the whole machine and evaluate it;

    2、Develop test evaluation specifications for various types of switching power supplies;

    3、 Understand the developments in the relevant power supply field, as well as the application of various switching power supplies; and design and verify.

    job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication engineering, etc.;

    2、Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication engineering, etc.;

    3、Proficiency in switching power supply design and fault analysis capabilities, familiar with PCB layout and other related skills of switching power supply, can be skilled in applying relevant simulation software;

    4、Understand the relevant safety certifications for power supplies.

    3、Chip test engineer

    Work location: Hangzhou

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Develop test plans and test program development and maintenance based on IC product specifications and test requirements.

    2、Analyze and judge the abnormal conditions that occur during the mass production test, find out the cause of the problem and propose a solution to ensure the smooth production of the product.

    3、Handle technical problems during customer use and provide solutions.

    4、Evaluate the company's new products and give an evaluation report.

    job requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, microelectronics, etc.

    2、More than 1 year of IC testing experience.

    3、Familiar with the methods and principles of common test equipment (such as robots, probe stations).

    4、Familiar with digital, analog circuit principles, electronic technology foundation, at least master a computer programming language.

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