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    Public transit:

    Depart from East Railway Station:1>Walking 230 meters → Get on the train at the East Railway Station West Station → Take the 420 road → Get off at Qibei Gongqiao Station → Walk 180 meters
    2>440 meters walk → Get on the train east station Metro Line 1 (Xianghu direction) → Get off at Fengqi Road Station → Fengqi Road Station Metro Line 2 (Liangzhu direction)→Gu Cui Road Station (B mouth out)get off → Walk 130 meters → Wenxi West Road Getting off at the Tongpu intersection → 269 road → Get off at Qibei Gongqiao Station → 850 meters walk

    Depart from the city station:

    Departure from the airport:

    Take a taxi:

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