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    • 2021年,在全體百隆人的共同努力下,公司的銷售額持續增長。2021年3月更是斬獲頗豐,實現銷售額同比增長97%。
    • ConnecTechAsia opened at Singapore Marina Bay Sands at 18th June, 2019. Hangzhou Boon Electronics Co., Ltd participated in the exhibition as one of the 15 communication service enterprises in Zhejiang province which organized by the Department of Commerce
    • At the beginning of the new year, the Spring Festival is approaching. First of all, I sincerely thank all the customers for their support and cooperation with our Hangzhou Blum Electronics in 2018! Now, based on the actual situation, our company has deter
    • In 2018, the new, challenging and unknown 2019 is running all the way to us! Thanks to the community and new and old customers for their support and love for our Boon Electronics in 2018.
    • Due to the needs of the company's development, the headquarters of Hangzhou BaiLong Electronics Co., Ltd. officially moved to the newly purchased building of the company on June 1, 2018. Here, I would like to thank all the community and new and old custom
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    Address:Building 7, IT Park, No. 1217 Wenyi West Road, Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Phone:0571-85390556 Mail:boon@boon.com.cn 浙ICP備05023951號
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